Ravichandran Ashwin’s Historic Journey: From 500 to 700 Wickets – A Challenging Milestone Ahead.

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Ravichandran Ashwin 700 Wickets Milestone : Indian cricket maestro Ravichandran Ashwin recently etched his name in history by reaching the significant milestone of 500 Test wickets on Friday, February 16. This accomplishment makes him only the second Indian bowler, following Anil Kumble, to achieve such a feat. However, amidst the celebration, questions arise about the possibility of Ashwin reaching the elusive 700-wicket mark.

Withdrawal from Rajkot Test due to Mother’s Illness

Despite his recent success, Ravichandran Ashwin faced a setback as he withdrew from the Test match against England in Rajkot starting on February 15, citing his mother’s illness. Cricket enthusiasts and legends from around the globe showered him with congratulations, with Anil Kumble expressing pride and ordering for the ambitious 700-wicket milestone.

Ravichandran Ashwin Challenge of 200 More Wickets at 37

At 37 years old, Ravichandran Ashwin stands at a unique crossroads. While he has played 98 Test matches, claiming 500 wickets, the road to 700 wickets may not be as straightforward. No player has achieved the feat of taking 200 wickets after the age of 37, making it a daunting challenge for Ashwin, especially within the next five years.

Anil Kumble’s Encouragement and Expectations

Kumble, in a congratulatory message, expressed pride in Ashwin’s 500 wickets and encouraged him to reach milestones like 620, 625, and eventually 700 wickets. The cricketing community shares similar expectations, but the question lingers – can Ashwin overcome the age barrier and the historical challenge ahead?

Historical Precedent: Clarrie Grimmett’s Record

The record for the most wickets taken after the age of 37 belongs to Australian leg-spinner Clarrie Grimmett. Playing 31 Tests between 1928 and 1936, Grimmett amassed 181 wickets, continuing to play cricket until the age of 45. However, the modern era’s demands may make it improbable for Ashwin to follow a similar path.

The Next 5 Years: A Formidable Task

Former Sri Lankan spinner Rangana Herath holds the record for taking the maximum wickets (171) in the next 5 years after the age of 37. Ashwin faces the challenge of not only maintaining his form but also surpassing this benchmark to achieve the elusive 700-wicket milestone.

Indian Team’s Schedule and Ashwin’s Role

The current structure of the ICC World Test Championship provides Ashwin with opportunities, with the Indian team scheduled to play between 17 to 19 matches in a season. If Ashwin continues to play a pivotal role with the bat and ball, he may have a chance to break Kumble’s record of 619 wickets.

Concerns: Form, Age, and Retirement Plans

However, concerns arise regarding Ashwin’s form in the last 5 years, having taken 173 wickets at an average of 20.83 in 36 Test matches. The challenges of aging and fitness add to the complexity of achieving the 700-wicket milestone.

A Possible Retirement at 618 Wickets?

Fans express apprehension that Ravichandran Ashwin might retire at 618 wickets, as he previously stated in a 2017 interview that he would retire when reaching this figure out of respect for Kumble. However, Kumble’s recent encouragement suggests a desire for Ashwin to pursue the 700-wicket milestone.

Record of Most Test Wickets: A Glimpse into History

While Ravichandran Ashwin stands at 500 wickets, the ultimate record for most Test wickets is held by Muttiah Muralitharan with 800 wickets. The journey to 700 wickets would place Ashwin among the elite few in cricket history.

In conclusion, Ravichandran Ashwin’s pursuit of the 700-wicket milestone unfolds as a challenging yet captivating journey, with the cricketing world eagerly watching whether the Indian spin maestro can etch his name further in the annals of cricket history.

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