Biryani cheers Argentina victory at FIFA World Cup.

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Biryani cheers Argentina victory at FIFA World Cup.

Biryani cheers Argentina victory : in Kozhikode. The caterer promises to serve the dish to any number of people “if” the South American nation wins the Lionel Messi Trophy ut CPH Pickles in Kozhikode, Eranhikkal on Saturday.

Biryani cheers Argentina victory : An obscure pickle shop on the Pavangad-Eranhikkal road in Kozhikode has become a favorite spot for fans of the Argentina football team. They gather at all hours of the day outside CPH Pickles, mainly to discuss the prospects of their favorite team in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The owner of the shop, Sahad, is an ardent fan and patron of the Argentina fan club in Kozhikode, who attracts them to the shop, besides offering biryani “if the team wins the World Cup”.

Biryani cheers Argentina victory : “The question is not ‘if’. Argentina will win this World Cup. Our team is undefeated in 36 matches and even in the Copa América,” Mr. Sahad pins the tournament schedules to the walls of the shop.

Known as Sahad Vellayil, he owns a restaurant in the city. In addition to his catering business in Vellayil, he is well prepared to distribute biryanis to any number of people after the final if Argentina wins.

Mr. Sahad started celebrating Argentina’s World Cup team since 1986. “It’s not about (Lionel) Messi or any other player. I love the team no matter what, he says.

Biryani cheers Argentina victory : Mr. Sahad’s obsession with the team doesn’t stop there, he painted his scooter in the blue and white colors of the Argentine national team. The fan association led by him set up Flex boards along the roads. The association booked a hall opposite the pickle shop to watch the matches live. Mr Sahad is even planning to set up flexible tables at his restaurant in Vellayil for all the team captains in this tournament. “People who come to watch matches on our big screen will definitely buy food from us,” he says.

Mr. Sahad states that Argentina’s colored jerseys are in short supply in the market due to high demand. – This could be the WC that we can comfortably look at thanks to the (appropriate) time. Several Koreans also come to the Qatar venues to watch the match,” he says, adding that both his sons are also die-hard Argentina fans.

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