Australia vs Pakistan U19 World Cup 2024 Semifinal Highlights : AUS Advances to 6th Final.

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Australia vs Pakistan U19 World Cup 2024 Semifinal Highlights : In a thrilling encounter between Australia and Pakistan in the U19 World Cup 2024 semifinal, Australia emerged victorious, setting the stage for a rematch of the 2023 ODI World Cup final against India in South Africa.

Pakistan’s Ali Raza showcased a masterful performance, bowling a double-wicket maiden during the low-scoring match. However, his heroic efforts in the death overs were ultimately in vain, as Raf MacMilllan secured the winning runs in the 50th over, leading Australia to a one-wicket triumph over Pakistan. The upcoming final will witness Australia challenging defending champions India on Sunday.

Australia, chasing a 180-run target against Pakistan, witnessed Tom Straker leading the bowling charge with an impressive six-wicket haul. Straker’s stellar performance contributed to bowling Pakistan out for 179 in 48.5 overs. Despite a resilient half-century from Azan Awais, Straker’s breakthroughs at crucial junctures significantly impacted Pakistan’s chances.

With Pakistan at 5 down for 79, a vital partnership emerged between Awais and Arafat Minhas. However, the partnership was eventually broken, and with less than 10 overs remaining, Pakistan found themselves at 6 down. All hopes rested on Minhas, but after completing a half-century, he succumbed, sealing Australia’s victory. Straker, with three wickets already in hand, returned for his final over, concluding the Pakistan innings with 6/24.

Earlier in the match, Callum Vidler, Straker, and Raf MacMillan took charge, dismissing top-order batsmen for Pakistan. Australia’s Powerplay dominance was evident as Straker and Vidler removed key players, putting Pakistan on the back foot. Spin introduced by MacMillan further deepened Pakistan’s woes, leading to the loss of half their side.

Despite Australia dropping two catches in the initial 10 overs, their well-rounded squad, featuring impressive pacers, spinners, and batters, showcased resilience. Key highlights include Raf MacMillan’s decisive boundary in the final over, Ali Raza’s double-wicket maiden for Pakistan, and Australia’s Harry Dixon slamming a half-century off 70 balls.

The Australia vs Pakistan clash witnessed remarkable performances, setting the stage for an intense final against India, with both teams maintaining an undefeated status in the tournament. Pakistan pacer Ubaid Shah, brother of Naseem Shah, stands joint second in the U19 World Cup’s wicket-taking list, adding further intrigue to the upcoming championship match.

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