Why two brothers born in Spain are playing for different teams

Nico and Iñaki Williams were born in Spain from Ghanaian parents

who made the long journey to Europe looking for a better life.

The brothers, representing Spain and Ghana respectively, are now dreaming of a showdown in Qatar At the 2022 Fifa World Cup

Nico and Iñaki Williams have become the latest siblings to play for two separate teams.

While 20-year-old Nico was picked by Spain, 28-year-old Iñaki this week chosen to represent Ghana.

While the brothers are teammates at Athletic Bilbao –where Iñaki established a record of playing over 200 consecutive games 

they are now hoping for a showdown at Qatar. Above all I’d like to face Ghana,” Nico told AFP in an interview at Spain’s Doha training base, the University of Qatar.